Window Treatments For Room Darkening

Window Treatments For Room Darkening

There are many different types of window treatments available today. Perhaps you are in the market for some room darkening window treatments, if so there are several types to choose from.  You can find many different types, colors and sizes, your choices are limitless.  You can search your local department stores, home improvement stores, or even take a look at the thousands of different kinds of window treatments available online.

Before you go shopping, it is a good idea to be familiarized with the difference between “shades” and “blinds”.  Window blinds have horizontal or vertical slats and are rotated for allowing light in and out.  Window blinds can be made from wood, aluminum and faux wood blinds are made of fabric. Shades on the other hand, are made from fabric and are attached to the top of the window, they are raised and lowered.

There are other window treatments that will filter out the light, to what degree is up to you.  There are horizontal and vertical window blinds that will also work for this purpose.  There are also blackout blinds, these come with heavy fabric attached that will block out the sunlight. These are quite fashionable and can be special ordered to match any décor.

Another option for room darkening window treatments is shades.  There are several sizes and colors to choose from and the best part about shades are that they can be cut to fit any window size.  Shades also allow you to control just how much light you would like to have enter the room.  Shades are a great option if you are in the market for an economical money-saving option for window treatments.  Shades are relatively inexpensive and quite durable which makes them ideal if you do not have a large budget in mind.

If you have nontraditional shaped windows in your home, then another option to consider would be cellular shades.  Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades, and have pleats between the slats.   If you have bay windows or a sun room, these shades will be the ideal choice for you. Bay windows are typically rectangular and harder to fit, cellular shades come in 12 foot lengths and can be mounted to fit wider spaces.  For a sun room on the other hand, the cellular shades are the perfect solution for mounting from floor to ceiling, allowing you to shade this room during the summer when the sun gets to hot. Cellular shades come in blackout fabrics and block out almost 100% of the light, as well as hold in heat in the winter.

If it is privacy you are concerned with, then there are also several options available to you.  Fabric or roller shades are completely opaque and offer complete coverage of  the window.  You can also get curtains that will completely block the view into your  home.  There are several choices available when it comes to protecting your privacy, it is up to you to decide what combination will work best for you.

There are blackout curtains available that will completely filter out the light and reduce the noise in your room.  This is the perfect solution for people who work the graveyard shift and need to sleep during the day.  Blackout curtains are a great alternative if you are looking for a simple solution to keeping your room dark.

More recently window treatment manufacturers have come up with some new and improved designs.  The have come up with a sheerer more lightweight room darkening curtain.  A crinkle sheer has the same light blocking qualities as the more traditional draperies,while it adds a more light and airy quality to your room.  They add a touch of class and elegance to any room, while still providing the darkening effect

As you can see your choices are not limited in any way, gone are the days of old fashioned, heave, cumbersome fabrics.  Manufacturers have come up with more fashionable and innovative ways for you to achieve many looks with your window treatments.  You can now choose the treatments that best reflect your taste and compliment the décor of your home.

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