5 Reasons to Buy Honeycomb Shades

5 Reasons to Buy Honeycomb Shades

Every window covering manufacturer carries their own line of honeycomb/cellular shades. A few of the most recognized are the Duette® and Applause® shades by Hunter Douglas and Graber has the Crystal Pleat collection. They all have the same design concept they just use different material with numerous color and pattern choices. When purchasing honeycomb shades it comes down to personal preference and cost.

  1. R-Value. Honeycomb shades provide one the highest R-Value ratings over any other window covering. R-value is a measure of a window coverings ability to resist heat flow, which is especially important in the cool winter months. The higher the R-value number, the more insulation it provides and the better it is at reducing heat loss.
  2. UV Exposure. Honeycomb shades protect your home from UV light. UV exposure is not only harmful to your skin it can also damage furnishings, floors and fine art. Most honeycomb shades have fabric options that can filter out 99% of these harmful rays in the closed position.
  3. Lift System. Honeycomb shades have numerous options to pick from; color, patterns, and lift systems to name a few. The most popular option, we have found, is the cordless option. Some of you Hunter Douglas fans may know this option as LiteRise.This option is exactly what it says “cordless”. There are not exposed strings on this shade. You just gently raise and lower the shade by lifting up or pulling down on the bottom rail of the shade. This is a great safety option for homes with small children and for customers that want to rid their homes of dangling cords.
  4. Privacy or View. Who doesn’t love to have their cake and eat it, too. Honeycomb shades allow you the benefits of both worlds. These shades give you complete privacy when in the closed position. When fully raised they stack up tightly to allow you to enjoy the full view of your window. You can also try the Top-down/Bottom-up option, which allows you to open the shade from the top and keep the bottom part of the shade lowered. This option works beautifully over a tub, allowing natural light from the top of the window while keeping the lower portion of the window closed for privacy.
  5. Options, options, more options. Honeycomb shades can be used in any room of the house. A semi-opaque top-down/bottom-up shade goes great in a dining room, while a cordless blackout shade works best in a media room to block out all natural light and give you that movie theater feel.

Honeycomb shades are a great window covering investment for your home. They provide insulation, privacy and style to any home. With so many options, there is sure to be a honeycomb combination to fit your window covering needs.

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