Where Window Solutions Begin

Where Window Solutions Begin

Whether your home has an eighteenth-century arch or a contemporary A-frame window wall, an angled skylight or a curved greenhouse, there are hundreds of window treatments to choose from. Take a look at some options for transforming an unusual window into a stylish accent:

Pleated Shades. Pleated shades offer privacy for angles, arches, circles and specialty shapes. The optional top-down/bottom-up application provides added light control. Remote control systems for lifting shades are available too.

Honeycomb Shades. These superior insulators offer solutions for circles, angles, arches and specialty shapes. Honeycomb has top-down/bottom-up options for light control. Many versatile lifting systems are available for large and out-of-reach shades.

Plantation Shutters. A great option for walls of windows and door, these stylish shutters offer versatility and durability.

Woven Wood Shades. These highly textural shades have an angled top application and are available in an assortment of bamboo, reeds, slats and grasses.

Sheer Shadings. Fabric vanes suspended between sheer fabric facings provide light control and privacy. They are offered in curved and top-sloped applications for arches and angled windows.

Vertical Blinds. Verticals blinds offer a curved track that makes it great for bay and rounded windows. Elegant fabric and vinyl styles work for angled windows too.

We know that great architectural features demand the industry’s most versatile products to dress them in style. Specials windows with arches, angles, curves and circles are opportunities for you to maximize look and livability.

Window treatments provide solutions for skylights, window walls and eye-catching shapes that cry out to be decorated with beauty, style and practicality. With so many options you are sure to find one that compliments your home’s style.

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