What Type of Personality Does Your Window Treatment Have?

What Type of Personality Does Your Window Treatment Have?

When it comes to covering your windows, there are many options out there.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could answer a few simple questions and find out which type of window treatment best matches your personality and sense of style?  Well, here is a personality quiz for a fun way to match lifestyle with window treatment style.

  1. personalityIf you could live anywhere, which of these three places would you choose?
    A. A split-level in the suburbs
    B. A lake house
    C. A penthouse in the city
  2. If you could go on vacation next week, which of these three vacations would you go on?
    A. To Hawaii with a tour group
    B. To a romantic island on a sailboat for two
    C. An African safari
  3. What books would I likely find on your bedside table?
    A. Leather-bound classics
    B. Romantic novels
    C. The latest thriller
  4. This afternoon we’re going to the dog pound to rescue a dog – which of these dogs would be your choice?
    A The Heinz 57 mutt
    B. A cocker spaniel
    C. An Afghan hound
    Sorry there is no D – like none of the above or that you would rather have a cat!
  5. Tomorrow you’re going to select a new car – which of these would you drive out of the lot?
    A. An SUV
    B. A Mini
    C. A European luxury coupe
  6. If your home were to be featured in a magazine – which of these magazines would you like it to appear?
    A. Traditional Home
    B. Country Home
    C. Elle Décor
  7. You are taking me to dinner tonight – where are you taking me?
    A. Your favourite family restaurant
    B. A little bistro or outdoor café
    C. A restaurant you haven’t been to – you’ve only read about it
  8. For a day in the city with a special friend – would you?
    A. Go to a sporting event
    B. Go to a museum
    C. Go to a concert
  9. If you were to win the lottery today – what would you do tomorrow?
    A. Invest in stocks and bonds and real estate
    B. Give a quarter of it to your favourite charity
    C. Book a vacation and go shopping
  10. How many children would you really like to have (not how many you actually have?
    A. 2 or 3
    B. 4 or more
    C. 0 or 1


People who select mostly A’s are traditional and transitional, with long-term investment being their key motivating factor when purchasing anything.  They are practical shoppers who tend to build their wardrobes with black, grey, blue and tan and add diversity with splashes of color in scarves, shirts, jewelry or ties.  Their search for value also applies to home decor.  Their furniture is built to last and they are drawn to neutral colors for home products, which allow them to rearrange and re-accessorize at any time so they can live with their basic purchases for years.

An A-Person will appreciate a product like the 2” wood blinds or plantation wood shutters, which feature fine-furniture construction techniques that offers premium quality and durability. A new rear-tilt option that hides the tilt bar and offers an unobstructed, unrestrained view and is ideal for modern decors.  Another product, Silhouette® window shadings, is also ideal for an A-Person.  It features soft fabric vanes suspended between sheer front and back facings.  Just by tilting the fabric vanes you can change the tone of the room.  A companion product, Luminette® Privacy Sheers, is a similar concept to Silhouette shadings on the vertical.

People who select mostly B answers exhibit romantic and creative characteristics.  When shopping, they are stimulated by the love of an object, rather than by its popularity and trend.  They do not focus on fashion, status or what the neighbors have.  They buy only for their passion for an object.  These artistic people like to surround themselves with soft colors and natural fabrics.  A B-Person’s window treatments will be layered, soft and romantic – maybe ruffles, a balloon shade, a valance or sheers over a pastel honeycomb shade.  Offering optimal flexibility, light control and style possibilities. The key word with the B-Person is layered – they don’t care about fashion, status or what the neighbors may have.  They buy only because they love it – whatever it is – they have a passion for it.

B-People like the A’s will also appreciate wood blinds, plantation shutters, Silhouette shadings and Luminette Privacy Sheers.  The B-Person will take it a step further.  They will layer a drapery or valance to complete the look.  Another striking product treasured by romantic consumers is Vignette® window shadings, which feature layers of gently contoured fabric folds that overlap one another like billowy waves.  B’s love the soft folds of the decorator fabric and appreciate the fact that the fabric can also be purchased by the yard to have the drapery and top treatment coordinate.

Those selecting mostly C’s are chic and modern.  They are impulsive buyers who are motivated by trend and thrive on the unusual.  When they walk into a room they want it to be noticed and have that WOW factor.  The C’s home looks like one shown in Elle Décor or Architectural Digest.  It could be stark: the childless home look with white carpets, white walls and white sofa.  Or it’s quite possible that every room in the house has its own look – a study with an African tribal design; a French Country living room and a sleek, modern kitchen with concrete countertops.  Their house might also have the “more is more” museum look. For these daring personalities, Luminette® Privacy Sheers is an essential accessory.  The beauty of the sheer fabric and added versatility of a stacking vertical vane produce a classically styled modern look perfect for
those who want to impress.

A new window covering with a clean, architectural feel that is perfect the modern loft-look so popular today with many a C-Person is Alouette® LightLouvers.   Its 2 ¾-inch wide elliptical fabric louvers seem to magically float at the window because there are only two support cords, no matter how wide the window coverings, and because the headrail, which is also elliptical in shape, tilts with the louvers to virtually disappear.

For those fixed on today’s trend for the natural and exotic, woven wood shades fit the bill.  Among its many exclusive selections:  grasses, reeds, wood and bamboo; it also offers light-filtering and room-darkening options.

If you were almost equally divided into A’s, B’s and C’s don’t worry, you might not yet have decided exactly what your style is or possibly you love it all.  Either way, there is a product out there to fit your needs and décor.

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