What is the Difference between a Store Front Location and a Shop-at-Home Business?

What is the Difference between a Store Front Location and a Shop-at-Home Business?

Time and Money!  In the window covering business, as with most business locations, the owner inquires additional costs, from rent to extra employees.  In most cases these costs are passed onto the customers.  Also, when you shop at a store, you will either have to bring in a color swatch of something from your home to match, guess on the color, or you will have to make an additional appointment with a sales person to come out to your home.  This all takes up valuable time and money of the customer.

In today’s economy more and more consumers are becoming extra conscience of the value of their time and money.   They want to get the best value for their time and dollar.  A Shop-at-Home business can give them that.  A shop-at-home business is just that.  You, the customer, shops from the comfort of your own home.    When you call to set up your appointment with a business, like Premier Shutters and Blinds, they bring their entire window covering products to you.  They do not just bring photos of products; they bring out actually sample blinds, shades and shutter panels for you to see, touch and operate; along with all the color swatches they offer.   While shopping at your home, you can better match your window coverings with your décor.   This takes all the guess work out of matching up your window coverings to each room in your home.  The best part is the vast majority of shop-at-businesses, like Premier Shutters and Blinds, offer FREE estimates; therefore, you are out nothing for your appointment, not even gas money.

If you are still skeptical about using a shop-at-home window covering business, ask for references.  The best way to find out about a business is to ask previous customers.  A business that has references available takes good care of their customers.

If you would like additional information or would like to set up a FREE estimate with Premier Shutters and Blinds, please contact us at 314-725-0707.

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