They are elegant, sophisticated and stylish. These shutters are designed for any interior space: living room , kitchen, dining , bedroom and even your garage. They come with a lustrous semi-gloss finish that stands up to any extreme temperature and humidity. For the perfect blend of fashion and function that last a lifetime – guaranteed!

These shutters are virtually indestructible. And for all of us that likes to have no maintainance. This is simply the product for you. They are also, waterproof. If you wish you can use a garden hose to clean! Or simply put them in the shower! And if the shutter becomes scratched, simply buff it away with steel wool. Permanent marker, crayons and other staining agents don’t hold to the surface. In most cases a little soap and water is all it takes to remove. Something wood shutters just can’t claim!

This shutter will never distort, crack, chip or fade. The color will survive the life of the shutter-guaranteed!
R-Value- The higher a materials R-Value the greater the insulating properties.
U-Factor- The opposite of R-Value. The lower the U-Factor the more heat that remains in your home on a cold day.
These shutters are energy efficient!!!

Here’s a fresh look at the features that put HUNTER DOUGLAS and KATHY IRELAND HOME by ALTA in a class of their own.

Features and Options

  • Tilt Options
    • Traditional Tilt, with the center tilt rod offers a classic shutter look.
    • Clearview, with rear tilt rod offers a contemporary look and maximizes your view.
    • Split Tilt, feature separate tilt rod for top and bottom louvers without using a divider rail for maximum light and privacy control.
  • Colors (White , Ivory, Almond and Tan)
  • Hinges (White, Ivory, Brass and Stainless Steel)
  • No Magnet Mounting System
  • 10 Frame Styles Collections (For inside and outside mounts)
  • Elliptical Louvers (For more contemporary look)
  • Divider Rails (Add both beauty and strength and allows you to operate separate sections of the panel independently of each other.)
  • French Door Cut-Outs (Allows you to use the lever style handle on your door.)
  • Panel Configurations (Allows various number of panel layouts and even By-pass and Bi-Fold Options for your patio sliding doors.)
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