Vinyl Shutters – Features and Benefits

Vinyl Shutters – Features and Benefits

There are a number of fabricators that produce vinyl shutters. All shutters are produced with the same material and provide the same features, the only difference I have found is the installation process. So no matter who you buy your vinyl shutters from you are getting a reliable product.

Vinyl shutters are a high-quality shutter both affordable and attractive while offering reliable durability and easy maintenance. These shutters are crafted from a top-quality vinyl compound. This material gives the shutters strength and resistance to fading and wear. They feature seamless louvers, locking tilt-rods and a matte finish.

Vinyl shutters are easy to clean, fire retardant, and waterproof so they won’t rot or rust. They are designed to be energy efficient with an R-value of 3.4. They are even recyclable. Here is a list of features for the vinyl shutter that composite and wood shutters can’t touch.

Vinyl Shutter Features

  • Low maintenance. Cleans up with soap and water.
  • Lightweight. Lightweight material prevents panels from sagging over time.
  • Colorfast. Color is extruded through the vinyl. If shutter is scratched, color will remain true.
  • Fire Retardant. Self extinguishing and will not burn.
  • Waterproof. Will not absorb moisture or mildew. Ideal for bathrooms or over kitchen sink.
  • Durable. Guaranteed not to warp, chip or fade.

Vinyl shutters are also available with numerous options; color, frame style, louver size and hinge color. While vinyl shutters are not for everyone’s décor; however, they cannot be denied their long list of features. If you decide to go with a vinyl shutter you won’t be disappointed.

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