Sunscreen for your Home

Sunscreen for your Home

Sunscreen protects our skin from damaging UV rays.  Window treatments can do the same for your home’s interior.  We love our rooms to be filled with natural light, but UV rays will ultimately fade floors, furniture, upholstery and cherished artwork.  Homeowners need UV control, especially in winter when the sun reaches further into our rooms to damage:

Artwork.  While we like to look at artwork in natural light, UV exposure can destroy our masterpieces.

Textiles. Prolonged exposure causes natural, undyed fabrics to yellow.  It deteriorates fibers, making them look prematurely aged and worn out.

Wood. Sunlight will fade the sections of wood flooring and sides of wood furniture that it reaches, creating uneven coloring.  Wood grain can expand with UV exposure, sometimes splitting open due to heat and dryness.

Most window coverings filter out at least 85 percent of UV rays when used with double-glazed glass.  When closed there is up to 99 percent UV blockage with all the residential products, like honeycomb shades, modern roman shades, and shutters.

We offer both stationary and moveable products that can cover arches, angles and skylights, while providing UV protection for your home.

For more information on protecting your home’s interior from damaging ultraviolet rays, contact Premier Shutters and Blinds.

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