Seven Reasons To Buy Interior Composite Shutters vs. Vinyl Shutters

Seven Reasons To Buy Interior Composite Shutters vs. Vinyl Shutters

  1. Vinyl shutters also known as Vinylbilt- Summerwind by Designer Blinds, Eclipse by Timber Blinds and Palm Beach Polysatin shutters by Hunter Douglas. They all just try to change the name to make the consumer feel like they are getting more than what they paying for.
  2. All vinyl shutters have a shiny scratchy look to them, giving you the appearance that they are a cheap shutter. (I mean inexpensive shutter.) But guess what they’re not. The vinyl shutter is a petroleum based product; therefore, the price of the shutter increases with the price of fuel. With the rising price in fuel the cost was driven up to exceed composite shutter costs. However, with fuel costs going down, the cost of the shutter has not decreased.
  3. Vinyl shutters have a limited selection of frames and options. For instance, if you have tilt-in windows, they do not have frames to let you to accommodate this issue. Unless you want to give up your tilt-in windows Vinyl shutters will not work in your windows.
  4. The vinyl shutter uses two types of closure systems; one is a magnet which you can see from the outside of your window, the other is a ball and catch system which gives your shutters a significant light gap at the top and bottom of the shutter panel. This is a turn off for most people who are purchasing a custom product for their home. The Norman Woodlore shutter (composite) has built-in magnets that are hidden from plain sight and give you less light gaps with your shutters.
  5. Options. Vinyl shutters are limited to 3 colors choices, 5 frames styles, and 3 louver sizes. They are however, guaranteed not to warp, chip or peel and are ideal for high moisture areas. However, so are composite shutters. Composite shutters are also available in 3 color choices, but have 20 frames styles, 6 louvers sizes, 7 hinge finishes, and other options. Good thing is you can choose the composite shutters, which will exceed your expectations. This product is used whether you want it in your bathroom, dining room or in the garage so your home looks uniform from the front. Norman woodlore composite shutters are the best product on the market that I am aware of. Since Premier Shutters and Blinds has been around in business. I have been in the shutter business for 13 years. We found that the quality, service, selection and value you get with this product is outstanding.
  6. Norman woodlore composite have the exact same style of wood shutter design so it will give you the feel of wood shutters for a fraction of the cost. Did I mention they have a limited lifetime warranty.
  7. The manufacturer, Norman Shutters, of this style of composite shutter started in the furniture business. So you can imagine the quality of the finish and the construction of the product. It exceeds any other product on the market even Hunter Douglas’ New Style shutters.

So you need to ask yourself and do some research on these products before you purchase any other type of interior shutters .This product has a better insulation factors than all the vinyl shutters. Which, in return saves you money on the energy cost of your home.

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