Motorization…Convenience, Stylish, Energy Efficient

Motorization…Convenience, Stylish, Energy Efficient

Motorized window treatments are often used in private spaces such as master bedrooms to close and open the drapes, shades or blinds, and in home theaters to black out incoming light. Motorized treatments are also used for problematic places like two-story great room windows or any room that you want to be able to control the light with ease.

The main benefit, especially if you live in a spacious home, is convenience. With motorized window treatments, you don’t have to go around the house closing shades or blinds one by one. It can be done at the touch of a button, or automatically at certain times or when temperatures rise or drop in a room.

Convenience isn’t the only benefit, though. Safety and security can be improved in your home as well. Blinds or shades that go up and down at certain times can make the house appear as if it is occupied, discouraging potential intruders. They are also childproof, with no dangling strings.

Another advantage is protecting valuable furnishings and art from fading under harmful ultraviolet rays. In these instances, tying motorized treatments to timers or light sensors can prove invaluable. You could have your window treatments close at certain times each day to protect the finish on a grand piano, for example.

In addition, motorized tracks of sheer fabrics and those that let some light through are great for filtering harsh sunlight and reducing glare. Window treatment systems are also being used in baths, particularly for hard-to-reach windows over tubs. And motorized shades are helpful for filtering or blocking out the light from skylights.

Beyond the practical, motorized window treatments can give you great looks. Shades can be staggered up and down and can be tied into lighting to give that impressive show during a dinner party. Shading is just another cool idea for the homeowner who wants all the adult toys.

Besides looking cool, motorized window treatments can make you feel cool. They can help cool a room on hot days and warm the room when it is cold, saving on energy costs even while you’re not at home.

Some estimate that automated window treatments can save as much as 10 to 15 percent on home energy costs, by automatically opening on a sunny day in the winter  to warm a room or closing on a sunny summer day to help cool it. Certain window treatments such as honeycomb  shades that trap hot or cold air between two layers of fabric are especially effective at providing an insulating layer for a room.

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