How to Repair a Broken Blind Slat

How to Repair a Broken Blind Slat

If you have ever broken a slat in your blind; whether it be a mini blind, faux wood or wood blind, all can be replaced. No matter the manufacturer the blinds design concept are the same.

You will have to contact the manufacturer that produced your blinds. When ordering your new slat you will need to know the color name, size of slat width and the measurements of where the route holes are in the slat. To get the route hole measurement, measure from the left to the first hole and second and so on. The manufacturer will need to know this information to make the slat fit your blind.

To replace your broken slats you first lower the blind in the window all the way down, tilted open. Next remove the caps from the bottom rail of your blind. There will be a string with a knot in it. Next you would untie the knot in the string that goes through the bottom rail and each slat. Where the broken slat is, pull the center string out of the broken slat, all slats below and the bottom rail. Pull broken slat out, replace with new slat. Once the new slat is added, take the string you pulled out and now feed it back down the new slat to the bottom rail making sure you stay straight down the middle. When you have pulled the string through the bottom rail, tie a knot back in the string and replace the caps in the bottom rail. It’s that easy.

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