Controlling Your Motorized Options

Controlling Your Motorized Options

Motorized window covering systems offer a variety of control options, from wall switches to remote controls that operate on line-of-sight infrared (IR) or radio frequency (RF), to being controlled by electronic lighting or home automation systems, even your computer.

Most systems can be incorporated into the major lighting and home control manufacturers’ systems. And you shouldn’t have to worry about how precisely you will use the system and what settings you will require.
In other words, when you move into your home you should be able to hit a switch or a button on a remote and activate whatever window coverings you need, but any preset or timed settings can be programmed at a later date. This can often be done by your electronics systems expert.

Which brings us to an important aspect: Who do you use for motorized window treatments? There is some good news and bad news here. The good news is that you can have access to motorized window treatments through a number of avenues, such as interior decorators, custom electronics integrators, window treatment retailers and fabricators. And here’s the bad news: In many cases, one of these alone will not be able to do the whole job. Interior decorators typically don’t get involved in motorization, and custom electronics guys generally don’t want to sell window treatments. Some fabricators do both, but chances are they will be working with either the interior decorator, the electronics company, the architect or the builder or the window treatment manufacturer.

Don’t fret; it’s not all that bad if you find one of these people with the right contacts.  If you are               looking for motorized window control in your home, talk to a window covering expert who has experience in motorized window treatments, and make sure they have the integration (or know someone who does).

There certainly is a lot to think about when you get involved in motorized window treatments. And to think some couples can’t even come to an agreement on a shade color.

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