Choosing Motorization for your Window Coverings

Choosing Motorization for your Window Coverings

Many window treatments can be motorized. The systems of motorization are as varied as the products themselves. Some systems are powered by batteries, others by household current and several offer the consumer both options. Plus, many motorized window fashion products can be installed as a part of advanced home automation systems.

With all these possibilities, purchasing motorized window coverings can sometimes be confusing. The purpose of using a window covering professional is to take the mystery out of the motorization sales process. You will be able to have all motorization methods summarized in one place, and you will learn a basic selection process that will help you choose the right system for your home.

A few questions to ask yourself when choosing the right motorization system are as follows.

  • Can hidden or visible wires be routed from a power source to the window openings?
  • Will home automation be utilized?
  • Is the preferred window covering available with the preferred motorization system?

This selection process is a general guideline. Sometimes the choice of a motorization system will depend upon the availability of a particular window covering which offers that system, other times the important consideration will be the customer’s budget or simply their personal style.

Be sure to use a window covering professional that has been trained and certified in motorized window coverings to get the most out of your buying experience.

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