Child Safe Rooms

Child Safe Rooms

A child’s room needs to be more than pretty. A child’s room should be enjoyable, nurturing, practical and, above all else, safe.

In the interest of safety, secure oversized furnishings to the walls to prevent them from falling over on a child. Make sure that all drawers have stoppers and that ladders and guardrails are securely attached to bunk beds. Whenever possible use a cordless lift system for your window coverings. The cordless lift system eliminates the pull cords and lifts and lowers easily with a gentle touch on the bottom rail. This option is available on several of the most popular window covering products: honeycomb shades, faux and wood blinds, pleated shades and aluminum mini blinds.

Lung disease is the number one cause of death in infants less than one year of age. For children’s rooms, experts recommend water-based low-volatile compound paints available from most major paint manufacturers and the use of natural materials for rugs and furnishings. Good ventilation is very important and avoid heavily textured fabrics, as they trap dust.

One of the leaders in safety at the window, Hunter Douglas was the first to respond to the safety concerns posed by the cording of window covering products with the introduction of the break free tassel. This simple device available on Hunter Douglas aluminum blinds, consists of two small pieces that snap together to join the two ends of the cord. Should a child become entangled in the cords, the tassel is designed to break apart with minimal downward pressure, causing the cords to separate.

Other safety-enhancing options include battery-powered remote control system that operates shades at the touch of a button, available on honeycomb shades, window shadings, pleated shades and roman shades. For window fashions with continuous cord loop systems, the cord tensioner is a standard feature and helps prevent injury by keeping the cord loops taut using spring tension with a specially designed cord weight and bracket.

For an up-to-the-moment contemporary child’s room there is a remote controlled motorization system that operates with any standard 110V wall outlet to both traverse sheers and rotate the vanes to provide privacy, diffuse light and UV-protection with a view.

With these innovative safety products, one or more of these window coverings can bring you peace of mind as well as fashion for your children’s windows. This is something that as a parent of three, I am very aware of. Whenever possible I specify child safety window fashions for households with children, not only for their own bedrooms but also for kitchens, family rooms and all the other spaces where the children spend time.

For more information on child safety window coverings, please contact Premier Shutters and Blinds at 314-725-0707.

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