Blackout Shades

Blackout Shades

Ever awaken to the bright morning sun scorching into your bedroom or have trouble watching a movie because of the glare off your TV screen? Blackout shades (aka home theater shades) are able to darken a room by blocking up to 99% of light, making them ideal window covering for bedrooms, media rooms or any room you want to block out natural light.

Blackout shades are available in a variety of styles to accommodate your home decor. Some shades, such as cellular and roman shades, are made from a blackout material, while bamboo shades require an attached blackout liner. There are numerous product options in the window treatment market to fit any size window or décor, there are even options for sliding glass doors, skylights, and specialty shaped windows.

When purchasing blackout shades consider the fact that the blackout properties of a shade applies only to light trying to pass through the shade. You also need to consider light going around the shade. To achieve total blackout with and inside mounted shade you will have to add a drapery or side panels to help conceal the edge of the shade where light can creep around. If purchasing an outside mounted shades remember to add enough width and length to fully cover the window plus part of the wall to prevent light from going around the shade. There may still be a soft glow around the edges of the shade, but no direct sunlight will pass through the shade material.

Also, note that the terms room-darkening and opaque are sometimes used to indicate light filtering materials, these are not blackout shades. To learn more about blackout shades, contact Premier Shutters and Blinds for a free estimate.

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